OXFORD GATEWAY READER-CH-16-The Model Millionaire:-
1.Did the ending of the story surprise you?Were there any hints provided by the author to foreshadow the way the story ended?

Asked by mkp400 | 15th Nov, 2017, 05:31: PM

Expert Answer:

The climax of 'The Model Millionaire' was predictable. Since the beginning, Hugie was touted as an unemployed but compassionate youth. He is described as 'a delightful, ineffectual young man with a perfect profile and no profession'. He lived on two hundred a year that an old aunt allowed him. This clearly shows that he is content with whatever he has and is not a materialistic guy. On seeing the 'forlorn and wretched' look of the wizened old begger, he gave the only sovereign he had and went home on foot. Without realizing that the begger is Hausberg, a millionaire, Hugie gave his last penny happily. This where it seemed quite predictable that towards the end, Hugie would be rewarded for his generousity and thoughtfulness.   

Answered by  | 16th Nov, 2017, 02:27: PM

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