os is a perpendicular to the chord pq of a circle whose centre is o. if qr is the diameter show that qp=2os

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Expert Answer:

Dear student,
Correction in your question: To prove : pr = 2os
Since os is perpendicular to pq and the perpendicular drawn from the centre to a chord bisects the chord.
s is the mid-point of pq.
Also, o being the centre, is the mid point of qr.
Thus, in triangle pqr, s and o are mid-points of pq and pr respectively.
Thus, os is parallel to pr
And, os = 1/2 pr  [since segment joining the mid-points of two sides of a triangle is half of the third side]
thus, pr = 2os
Requesting you to provide the other question in detail.
Yopper's Team

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