one pipe can fill tank in (x-2) hrs and the other pipe can empty the full tank in (x+2) hrs .if the tank is empty and both the pipes are opened together the tank is filled completely in 24 hrs find how much time will the second pipe take to empty the tank.

Asked by renukasahu8 | 21st Oct, 2010, 12:51: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student,
Let the volume of the tank = V ltrs 
let the rate of filling = p1 
let the rate at which it empties = p2 
Then according to the question: 
p1(x-2) = V     -(1)
p2(x+2) =V     -(2) 
(p1-p2)24 = V   -(3)
Using the above three equations we can write:
(V/x-2) - (V/x+2) = V/24
=> (x + 2 -x + 2) 24 + 4  = x2
=> x = 10
Hence it will take 8 hours to empty the tank.

Answered by  | 22nd Oct, 2010, 09:33: AM

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