one of the themes of anne frank :the diary of a young girl is good vs evil how do you see both good and evil  on all three levels?
  1. the society as a whole during WWII
  2. the eight people in hiding 
  3. anne frank herself
to answer this you must find evidence (details,examples,quotations)from the diary to explain how good and evil existed on all three levels

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Expert Answer:

We recommend you to elaborate on the points below and use your knowledge of the text to frame this answer.


The society as a whole during WWI:


The Dutch and other people tried to do whatever they could to help the Jews live in hiding

People made sacrifices from their own food coupons and gave what they could to the Jews.

Anne Frank noted the courage which people, endangering their lives to help each other.



Not all people were helpful. Some of the people who were free were also in such a bad condition that they had to rob others to feed themselves.

Looting and destruction of property were a common phenomenon

The scarcity of food led to it being stolen and black-marketing.


The eight people in hiding:


On happy occasions like birthdays, everyone forgot any ill will they cherished and came together to celebrate.

As all were dependent on each other for their sustenance their anger did not last long.

Everyone made an effort to bring optimism back in their lives with little jokes and funny tales from time to time.



Constrained environment led to clashes both lateral and ideological

Intolerant, arguments on political affairs and quarrels over little everyday matters were common.

Mood swings were seen in everyone.

Intrusion on personal space made everyone short tempered.


Anne Frank:


For the most part, Anne understood her parents and followed their instructions.

She wished to help Peter when she saw him in trouble.

She thought of her sister’s feelings while her friendship was growing stronger with Peter.



Her knowledge of books and introspective nature made her feel that she was strong enough to take on the world all alone.

When her parents questioned her friendship with Peter she turned rebellious.

She viewed the lives of the women in the annex very critically. She believed such a lifestyle did not suit her.



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