one example to explain colligative property?

Asked by Ram | 22nd Apr, 2012, 10:58: PM

Expert Answer:

Elevation in boiling point is an example of colligative property.

 As you increase the concentration of a solution, the boiling point of the solution increases.


The reason for this is that adding solute decreases the vapor pressure of a solution because there are fewer molecules at the surface of the solution that can vaporize.  Because liquids boil when their vapor pressure is equal to the ambient atmospheric pressure, you need to heat them more to make them boil.


The relationship between concentration and boiling point is described by the equation:


?Tb = Kbm



?Tb is the change in boiling point

 Kb is the ebullioscopic constant (0.520 C/m for water)

 m is the effective molality of the solute

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