On a 1473625.736743 km track a train travels the first 4368.36466 km with speed of 27374.163747 km per 12.34 min. calculate the speed for the rest of the track to make average speed 273747.26454 km per sec. 

Asked by jeel katira | 21st Jun, 2014, 09:48: PM

Expert Answer:

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We have not understood the query that you have posted. We would request you to clarify / provide additional details so that we may answer this to the best of the ability.
According to your question, the average speed is 273747.26454 for the total distance of 1473625.736743, which indicates that the total distance was covered in just 5.38 seconds. Also calculating the time for first 4368.36466 km we get 118 seconds. Hence, the data seems to be erroneous.


Topperlearning Team.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 23rd Jun, 2014, 11:08: AM