Obtain all the zeroes of the polynomial x2+7x+10 and verify the relationship zeroes and coefficient. find all the zeroes ofthe polynomial x4+2x3-8x2-18x-9 if two of its zeroes are 3 and -3.

Asked by Gokul Nandan | 12th Jun, 2013, 11:24: AM

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The first question has been answered in your previous query. So, in this query, we are answering your second query. 
f(x) = x4+2x3-8x2-18x-9
If its 2 roots are 3 and -3, hence f(x) is divisible by (x-3)(x+3) = x2 -9
Using long division to compute the quotient  = x2+2x+1
Hence f(x) = (x2-9)(x2+2x+1)
f(x) = (x-3)(x+3) (x+1)^2
Hence, the zeros of f(x) are 3, -3 and -1. 

Answered by  | 13th Jun, 2013, 04:08: AM

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