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Two bodies of mass 100kg and 1000kg are at a distance 1.00 mt apart at which point on the line joining them will the gravitational field intensity be zero?

Gravitation Field Intensity = Fgr/m

Let the point be at a distance x from 100 kg where we put the test mass m kg.

The net gravitational forces acting on it must be zero.

Gravitational Force on test mass due to 100 kg = Gravitational force on test mass due to 1000 kg

100Gm/x2 = 1000Gm/(1-x)2

1 - 2x + x2 = 10x2

9x2 + 2x - 1 = 0

x = 0.24 m

Hence, at 24 cm from 100 kg mass the gravitational field intensity will be zero.




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