Nicola and jocopo felt very thankful to the narrator as the two brothers write a letter to the narrator 

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16th June, 2017
Dear Sir,
I am not sure whether you remember us; me and Jacopo. It has been more than a decade since you last visited Verona. But, we surely remember you, Sir. You are one of the good souls who was kind to us in times of distress. 
I am writing this letter, on behalf of all three of us, to express my gratitude for all your kindness. The war had hit us real bad. We were left with no choice and had to take up odd jobs for a living. It is not that we found these jobs menial but we were unable to earn anything from it. So, when you came along and bought the biggest basket of strawberries from us, our joy knew no bounds. We found hope after days of nothingness. You, Sir, unknowingly gave us motivation to never give up. We are, forever, indebted to you. 
You might not know this, but we have sister, Lucia, who post war suffered from tuberculosis of spine. It robbed her of her singing. She was all we were left with; so, we took up all odd jobs possible to pay for her treatment. This is the reason why you always found us doing almost all jobs possible. That day, when you drove us to Poleta, we were visiting our sister. Whenever, we visited her we used to talk about you and she would be happy to hear about the stranger who unknowingly motivated us. She is all good now; a renowned singer! I and Jacopa run a successful grocery outlet in Verona. Life is all good, Sir.
Thank you, Sir, for all your understanding and thoughtfulness. Good people like you are a fleeting reminder that God does exist.
Yours sincerely,

Answered by Athira | 16th Jun, 2017, 11:01: AM

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