nervous system

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The internal control required for managing and coordinating all the complex systems is carried out by the nervous system in conjunction with the hormonal system. The electrical and chemical signals carried by nerves and hormones integrate the body as a whole. The many cross-influences between the hormones and nerves give rise to a system of coordinated cycles in almost all body functions

In a nervous system, specialized cells called neurones carry messages as nerve impulses quickly from one part of the body to another. These impulses may be carrying information about the outside world (stimuli) which allows the body to respond quickly to them. However, much of the information being carried around is to do with organizing processes inside the body . The nervous system includes the brain, the area in which collected information is used to make decisions and from where responses are initiated. Information is collected from all over the body, including from specialized sense organs such as the eye and action is carried out through muscles. The rest of the nervous system includes the spinal cord and nerve cells carrying information to and from the brain.

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