• ​​​​Natural detergent and man-made detergent

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Expert Answer:

Natural Detergents:

i. Soap nut (ritha) and soap pod (shikakai) are natural detergents in common use.
ii. They contain a chemical named saponin.
iii. Use of soap nut and soap pod do not have any harmful effect on human skin or on silk and woolen threads and clothes.

Man-made Detergents:

(1)  Soap: Soap is a man-made detergent which has been used since ancient times. In the past, soap was prepared using animal fat and wood ash.
Types of soaps:

    i.        Hard soap is a sodium salt of fatty acids. Hard soaps are used for washing clothes.
    ii.        Soft soap is a potassium salt of fatty acids. It does not cause skin irritation and is hence used for bathing.
(2)  Synthetic detergent:
i.  A synthetic detergent is any synthetic substance, other than soap, that is an effective cleanser and functions equally well as a surface-active agent in hard or soft water.
ii. There are several methods of producing a synthetic detergent. The long chain structural units in synthetic detergents are obtained from raw materials which are mainly fats or kerosene.

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