name twenty musical instruments ,and tell how the sound is produced and propagated by them?

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Expert Answer:

  1. Drum - Stretched Membrane
  2. Tabla - Stretched Membrane
  3. Mridangam - Stretched Membrane
  4. Guitar - Stretched String
  5. Violin - Stretched String
  6. Veena - Stretched String
  7. Sitar - Stretched String
  8. Grand Piano - Stretched String
  9. Cello - Stretched String
  10. Banjo - Stretched String
  11. Harp - Stretched String
  12. Oboe - Air Column
  13. Clarinet - Air Column
  14. English Horn - Air Column
  15. Trumpet - Air Column
  16. Trombone - Air Column
  17. Tuba - Air Column
  18. Flute - Air Column
  19. Piccolo - Air Column
  20. Recorder - Air Column
  21. Ocarina - Air Column
  22. Saxophone - Air Column

the three major classes are 1)Stringed, 2)wind and 3)percussion instruments

1)they have a set of different types of strings tuned accordingally. At one end they are fixed at a bridge and then at the other end they are they are fixed by the keys. Sound by them is produced by plucking the strings which produces vibration.

2)a vibrating air coloumn produce a musical sound.

3)a vibrating skin or membrane produce a mucical sound in case of percussion instruments, when they are sturk then they produce this sound by moving up and down, and thus producing a vibration.

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