Name any two methods of birth control and mention the advantages and disadvantages of each

Asked by Sandhyatiwari1580 | 15th Sep, 2019, 01:54: PM

Expert Answer:

Two methods of birth control are : Barrier methods (Condoms) and Birth control pills
Advantages of Condoms:
1. Remove unwanted pregnancy
2. Safe sex practice
Disadvantages of barrier methods are very rare but there is a risk of breakage of condom if not worn properly
Advantages of birth control pills:
1. Used to treat irregular menstrual periods.
2. Prevent certain ovarian cancers
Disadvantages of birth control pills:
1. If a woman stops taking her birth control pills, it may take several months for her to resume normal ovulatory menstrual cycles.
2. Risk of blood clotting

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 15th Sep, 2019, 09:25: PM