My Question is that by putting magnet in between cathode rays why did they change direction

Asked by Dinesh | 4th Jul, 2015, 06:25: AM

Expert Answer:

  • Similarly when only magnetic field is applied, electron strikes the cathode ray tube at point C.
  • By carefully balancing the electrical and magnetic field strength, it is possible to bring back the electron to the path followed as in the absence of electric or magnetic field and they hit the screen at point B.
  • By carrying out accurate measurements on the amount of deflections observed by the electrons on the electric field strength or magnetic field strength, Thomson was able to determine the value of e/me.

  • The deflection of electron from its original path increases with increase in the magnetic field.
  • Thus the presence of magnetic field is needed to find out charge to mass ratio of an electron.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 5th Jul, 2015, 02:16: PM