my question is its written in book that when we heat the crystle than an electron is free to move and it conduct electricity 
mean when thermal enegy is provide to any crytal it conduct electricity
soo hot body conduct electricity very easyly the book say that the elctron may break away from a covalent bond and become free conductive electron 
sun is too hot why it cannt conduct electricity 

Asked by saggugurupal | 20th Oct, 2016, 06:48: PM

Expert Answer:

Sun is very hot. Its core is made up of plasma which is a mixture of electrons and ions. So, there are a lot of free electrons inside the Sun. Hence, there is a lot of electricity generated from the Sun.
Infact the Sun does conduct a lot of electric current into the space. This current is what generates the large magnetic field of the Sun. However, we do not feel its effects because only a small fraction reaches Earth and the Earth's atmosphere blocks a major part of it.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 21st Oct, 2016, 12:22: PM