My question is - explain signum & into function.

Request if you could provide me the video's  for the above mentioned subject as it not uploaded on the website.


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Asked by | 23rd Apr, 2014, 10:32: PM

Expert Answer:

signum is a piecewise function
f open parentheses x close parentheses equals open curly brackets table row cell minus 1 space space space space x less than 0 end cell row cell 0 space space x equals 0 end cell row cell 1 space space space x greater than 0 end cell end table close curly brackets
into function: 
A function f:AB is an into function, if there exists element in co-domain set, which has no pre-image in the domain set “A”.

Answered by  | 28th Apr, 2014, 02:38: PM

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