my question is, do plants have brain? if no then how can they do all their functions, if yes why can't we see it?

Asked by  | 29th Jul, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

No, plants do not have brain. A plant can react and respond to stimuli, such as light, gravity and touch.
Plant shows two types of movements- one dependent on growth and the other independent of growth.
A growth movement of a plant part in response to an external stimulus in which the direction of a stimulus determines the direction of response is called tropism. Thus tropism is a directional movement of the part of a plant caused due to its growth.
In nastic movements the movement of plant part is neither towards the stimulus nor away from the stimulus. This movement is not a directional movement of the plant part with respect to the stimulus.
Different plant hormones help to coordinate growth, development and responses to the environment.

Answered by  | 30th Jul, 2011, 04:35: PM

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