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Let s be the distance between station a and b.

Let the time taken to travel distance s with the speed of 60km/hr = t1 = (s/60)hr

Let the time taken to travel distance s on  return trip with the speed of 80km/hr = t2 = (s/80)hr

Now the total distance covered = 2s

so total time to complete the journey = t1+ t2 = ( s/60 + s/80 ) hr = s( 1/60+1/80)hr = 7s/240

So average speed = total  distance / total time

                                  = 2s / (7s/240)

                                  = 68.5k7km/hr

Since the initial and final position of the train is same ,so zero displacement .

Thus average velocity will be 0 km/hr


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