Motion of electrons is the cause of electric current.Since e flow from -ve to +ve terminal, the direction of current should be from -ve to +ve. But we take the direction of current to be from +ve to _ve.Many state the reason that "conventionally"we take the direction to be from +ve to -ve terminal.But now when it is known that elctrons move while +ve charges do not, then why does the convention remain although it is false?

Asked by DIVYANSHU VADEHRA | 9th Dec, 2013, 10:15: AM

Expert Answer:

Electrons are attracted toward positive terminal. Hence flow of the electron is from -ve to +Ve
But conventionally we take the direction of current from +ve to -Ve that is direction of flow of holes.
It is fact that holes do not move but it is assumed.
Conventional direction of current is always taken from +Ve to -Ve that is decided by the Physisist worldwide.
We have to accept it.

Answered by Komal Parmar | 9th Dec, 2013, 04:44: PM

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