Molarity of pure D2O will be(assume density of D2O is 1g/ml)

Asked by Anil | 25th May, 2017, 02:21: PM

Expert Answer:

Let us consider 1L of water (pure water)

Since density is given,

Hence mass of 1L of water would be

Mass= d x Volume

          = (1 gm/cc)x 1000cc....... ( Since 1L= 1000mL or 1000cc)

Therefore Mass of 1L water = 1000gms.

Molarity = no. of moles of solute/ Volume of solution in Ltr

n = given mass of water / molecular mass of water

= 1000gm/ 18gm

= 55.5moles

Molarity = 55.5moles/ 1Ltr = 55.5M


Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 25th May, 2017, 02:58: PM

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