Molarity of h2so4 (density is 1.8g/ml) is 18M. The molality of this h2so4 is?

Asked by sonali garg | 23rd Oct, 2014, 06:28: PM

Expert Answer:

Suppose we have 1 L of solution.

The total mass of the solution = 1 L x the density (1.84 g/mL) x 1000 mL/L = 1840 grams of solution

Now let us calculate the grams of the solute.

18M means 18 moles of sulphuric acid per one litre of solution.

Converting 18 moles to grams.

Molar mass of sulfuric acid = 98.09 g/mol

Grams of the solute =18 moles x 98.09 g/mol = 1765.62 grams of sulfuric acid.

Now let us calculate the grams of the solvent.

Grams of the solvent =1840 grams of solution - 1765.62 grams of solute = 74.38 grams solvent.

 Molality =18 moles solute        = 242 molal H2SO4

               0.07438 kg solvent


Answered by Arvind Diwale | 25th Oct, 2014, 03:43: PM

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