midpoints of sides  AB and AC OF TRIANGLE ABC are D(-4,7) and E(2,-1) RESPECTIVELY. find the length of side BC of triangle ABC.

Asked by apurva151 | 2nd Jun, 2015, 12:42: PM

Expert Answer:

The midpoints D and E are (-4, 7) and (2, -1) respectively.
The distance DE is
D E equals square root of open parentheses negative 4 minus 2 close parentheses squared plus open parentheses 7 minus left parenthesis negative 1 right parenthesis close parentheses squared end root equals square root of 6 squared plus 8 squared end root equals square root of 100 equals 10
For any triangle the third side is twice the distance between the midpoints of other two sides.
Hence, BC= 2 X 10 = 20

Answered by satyajit samal | 3rd Jun, 2015, 09:24: AM

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