Shylock does a risk analysis of Antonio’s ability to repay the loan?What are the risks? What does Shylock say outweighs those risks for him?Would this be enough for you to lend him the money?

Asked by siddhi.nigam | 21st May, 2015, 11:10: AM

Expert Answer:

-Shylock nursed a grudge against Antonio since he was forced to lower his interest rates due to Antonio offering loans without interest to people.  
-Bassanio named Antonio as a guarantor when he took a loan of 3 thousand ducats without interest from Shylock.
-On failure to repay on time, Shylock wanted to take away a pound of flesh from Antonio.
-Shylock analysed and stated that Antonio's business looked uncertain.
-The risks involved in his business; the ship could be destroyed, pirates may loot him, the ship may encounter storms, winds and rocks. The odds were against him.
-But Shylock believed that the risks were outweighed by Antonio's affluence. He had enough wealth to repay the loan. 
-Had it been me, knowing the risks involved, I would have thought twice before lending him the money. 

Answered by Sandhya Raghavan | 21st May, 2015, 07:12: PM

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