mention the role of the following organs of human male reproductive system

  1. testes
  2. seminal vesicles

Asked by minisureshmenon | 3rd Feb, 2019, 12:30: PM

Expert Answer:

Role of organs in the human male reproductive system:

1. Testes

  • Produce the male gametes, sperms
  • Produce the male sex hormone, testosterone

2. Seminal vescicles:

  • The secretion of seminal vesicles contains fructose, hormones like prostaglandins and clotting proteins.
  • Fructose acts as a source of energy for the sperms.
  • Prostaglandins stimulate uterine contractions and help in the movement of sperms towards the fallopian tube of females.
  • The clotting proteins help semen coagulate after ejaculation.
  • Alkaline nature of the seminal fluid helps to neutralise the acidic environment of the male urethra as well as the female reproductive tract that would otherwise inactivate and kill sperms.


Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 4th Feb, 2019, 12:05: PM