Mention the function of salivary amylase,pepsin,lipase and trypsin

Asked by maglinshelcia | 8th Jun, 2016, 08:44: PM

Expert Answer:

Function of salivary amylase:

  • Saliva secreted into the buccal cavity contains electrolytes such as Na+, K+, Cl, HCO3-and enzymes such as salivary amylase and lysozyme.
  • The hydrolytic action of salivary amylase hydrolyses starch into maltose.

Function of pepsin:

  • Pepsin hydrolyses proteins into proteoses and peptones (peptides).

Function of lipase:

  • Gastric lipases are secreted in very small amounts. They bring about mild hydrolysis of fats into fatty acids and glycerol.
  • Pancreatic lipases break down fat micelles into diglycerides first and then monoglycerides.
  • Intestinal lipases act on monoglycerides and break them down into fatty acids and glycerol.

Function of trypsin:

  • Trypsin along with chymotrypsin and carboxypeptidase act on partially digested proteins (proteins, peptones and proteoses) in the stomach and convert them into dipeptides.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 9th Jun, 2016, 10:38: AM