Mention any 5 differences between solution, colloid and suspension?

Asked by  | 13th Sep, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Property True Solution Colloidal Solutions Suspension

Size of the particles < 1nm 1– 1000nm >1000nm

Nature Homogeneous Heterogeneous Heterogeneous

Filterability(Diffusion through parchment paper) Particles of true Solution diffuse rapidly through filter paper as well as parchment paper. Colloidal particles pass through filter paper but not through parchment paper. Suspension particles do not pass through filter paper and parchment paper.

Visibility Particles of True Solution are not visible to naked eye. Colloidal particles are not seen to naked eye but can be studied through ultra microscope. Suspension particles are big enough to be seen by naked eye.

Tyndall effect True Solution does not show Tyndall effect. Colloids shows Tyndall effect. Suspension may or may not show Tyndall effect.

Appearance Transparent Translucent Opaque

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