"Mendeleev's periodic table is essential to classify all the presnt elements"-explain.also it plays an important role in the coming of the modern periodic table.how?

Asked by nithi | 13th Mar, 2013, 02:33: PM

Expert Answer:

Mendeleev's periodic table plays an important role in the understanding the properties of elements. It has the following advantages:

1. It simplified the study of elements. As the arrangements of elements showing similar properties were classified into groups, it was very useful in studying and remembering the properties of a large number of elements in a systematic way.
2. Based on the positions in the periodic table, Mendeleev could predict the properties of some undiscovered elements.There were many vacant spaces in his table for the elements to be discovered. He named them Eka-Boron, Eka-Aluminium and Eka-silicone. He also predicted the properties of these undiscovered elements including atomic masses.
3. Mendeleev’s arrangement helped in correcting the atomic masses of some of the elements, based on their positions in the periodic table.

Answered by  | 13th Mar, 2013, 04:12: PM

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