Mass of an gas in sealed container has different pressure at different temperatures. Weighing them at different temperatures seems to give different mass values as applying different pressures at the weighing pan in a measurement balance. How to calculate mass of such systems at different temperatures.

Asked by vamsi | 4th May, 2012, 01:44: AM

Expert Answer:

at a certain temperatureT1, pressure of the gas will be a certain say, P1but V will be same as the container is sealed.
at a certain temperatureT2, pressure of the gas will be a certain say, P2 but V will be same.
so P1/T1=P2/T2=n
n=m/M   where m=mass of the gas,M=molar mass
put this concept in specific problem you ll be able tosolve.

Answered by  | 7th May, 2012, 03:59: PM

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