Map work of renewable resources in India

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Most of the renewable energy in India comes from solar energy and a little bit from wind energy. Most of the solar plants have been installed in Gujarat and Rajasthan (desert area in India). Furthermore,  Some large projects have been proposed, and a 35,000 km² area of the Thar Desert has been set aside for solar power projects, sufficient to generate 700 to 2,100 gigawatts.
The development of wind power in India began in the 1990s, and has significantly increased in the last few years. Although a relative newcomer to the wind industry compared with Denmark or the US, domestic policy support for wind power has led India to become the country with the fifth largest installed wind power capacity in the world. As of December 2010 the installed capacity of wind power in India was 13,065.37 MW, mainly spread across Tamil Nadu (4132.72 MW), Maharashtra (1837.85 MW),Karnataka (1184.45 MW), Rajasthan (670.97 MW), Gujarat (1432.71 MW), Andhra Pradesh (122.45 MW), Madhya Pradesh (187.69 MW), Kerala (23.00 MW), West Bengal(1.10 MW), other states (3.20 MW). It is estimated that 6,000 MW of additional wind power capacity will be installed in India by 2012. Wind power accounts for 6% of India's total installed power capacity, and it generates 1.6% of the country's power.
Lastly, most of the urban cities and villages in India also convert waste into energy. 

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