Many priceless treasures from india are at present in variety of british museums, private homes and collection. Do you think that they should be returned to India and why?(write in 500 words)

Asked by ajayrath7 | 17th Apr, 2017, 12:19: PM

Expert Answer:

The British while ruling India took away several treasures which currently are present in British museums, private homes and collection. For instance, India since long has been demanding the return of Kohinoor diamond. Unfortunately there is no possibility of Britin returning the diamond or other precious items. 
History teaches us to move forward. India instead of crying over the lost jewels should actually utilise its resources in developing its economy. Bringing back of precious materials would only exhaust the governemnt's treasury in protecting it from theives.
There are other issues which will also arise out of such demands. Pakistan since long has also claiming the diamond on the ground that Ranjit Singh who was once the owner of the Kohinoor diamond ruled over several territories which are now the part of Pakistan.
The best option is to allow the time to take its own course. As stated earlier, History teaches us to move forward. There are several other greater issues to worry about rather than making futile attempts to bring back the treasures in Britain which once belonged to us.
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Answered by Social Science Expert | 17th Apr, 2017, 06:30: PM

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