mam tell me something about pieces in Chordata and easy way to learn all the things smartly and quickly


Asked by himaaslam1595 | 27th Feb, 2020, 03:38: PM

Expert Answer:

Characteristic Features of Class Pisces of Chordata:

  • Body Temperature: Cold Blooded
  • Habitat: Aquatic
  • Body: Streamlined
  • Exoskeleton: Scales
  • Endoskeleton: Bony/Cartilaginous
  • Heart Chambers: Two
  • Respiration: Gills
  • Development: Oviparous
  • Distinct Features: Presence of Fins

How to learn and remember classification of animals?

  • Memorising the characteristic features of all kingdoms and phyla could be made easy if you arrange the data systematically.
  • Tabulate the different kingdoms and their phyla based on their common features such as habitat, body structure, nutrition, mode of reproduction etc.
  • Compare the characteristics of different phyla on the basis of these features so that the underlying differences or similarities will make it easy to for you to remember the characteristics of all the kingdoms and divisions or phyla.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 27th Feb, 2020, 06:28: PM

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