maam what are the differences between heterotrophic nutrition and autotrophic nutrition

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Expert Answer:

Autotrophic nutrition means that the organism is preparing its own food and is not dependent on any other organism for food. Green plants are autotrophs.

Heterotrophic nutrition means that the organism does not prepare its own food and is dependent on other organisms for food. Example - All animals

Autotrophic nutrition is mainly of two types – photoautotrophic and chemo autotrophic nutrition. Heterotrophic nutrition may be holozoic, saprozoic, parasitic, etc.

Autotrophs depend directly on solar energy whereas heterotrophs depend indirectly on solar energy.

In autotrophic nutrition, CO2 is taken in and O2 is released whereas in heterotrophic nutrition, food is taken into body and undigested food is released outside of the body.


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