Maam i didn't understand that how can a transistor conduct when the base collector section is reverse biased while a diode in reverse bias cannot?

Asked by DIVYA GARG | 26th Oct, 2013, 06:44: PM

Expert Answer:

The emitter of the transistor is heavily doped and the base is very lightly doped.
The base-emitter junction is forward biased, and hence the carriers enter the base in large quantity.
Now, since the collector has same charge carriers as emiiter, and the collector-base junction is reverse biased, the charge carriers from base can easily cross the barrier between base and collector and enter the collector, thereby constituting a flow of current.
This is how the transistor functions even though base-collector is reverse biased.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 11th Nov, 2013, 10:30: AM

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