Ma'am can you please explain why is aster and centriole not present in plant cells?

Asked by saachikab | 3rd Apr, 2020, 01:11: PM

Expert Answer:

Instead of centrioles, plants have phragmoplasts. They are not exactly a replacement for centrioles, but the whole process is a little different. Spindle formation in plants is very different from most other eukaryotes owing to the fact that plant cells lack centrosomes or spindle pole bodies, which act as the microtubule organizing centers in animal cells. Cell division or mitosis occurs differently in plants as compared to animals. 
The centrioles are the centres for the formation of the microtubules required for the spindle fibres formation during cell division. The aster is the star-like formation around the centriole. This is the region from where the spindle fibres get distributed in all the sides. The centrioles and aster are present in the animal cells and absent in the plant cells.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 4th Apr, 2020, 01:11: PM