Look at the figure 1 on page 129 and answer the following questions in 1-2 sentence:
a) What could have been the consequences of this change?
b) What could have been the pressures faced by the local government?

Asked by Ŝũmiť Ğőyãĺ | 16th Jun, 2014, 06:41: PM

Expert Answer:

a) The rapid increase in the geographical area covered by the city of London and the increase in population must have been cumbersome for the city administration. It would have increased the pressure manifold on the authorities to provide basic amenities to the new and increasing citizens of London and maintain the law and order situation.
b) With a large influx of population from outside the city, the local government would have found itself hard pressed in providing basic services to its citizens. Providing employment, housing, sanitation and other civic duties would have been extremely difficult. Also, keeping the city free of crime would have been a real challenge in view of the fact that there were random periods of widespread hunger and unemployment.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 17th Jun, 2014, 12:52: PM

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