Long and value based question of heredity and evolution chapter with answer

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1. "A brother and sister are more related to each other as compared to the case when any one of them is related with his/her cousin". Through this statement what will we get to know about their ancestors?
Ans:  A brother and sister are more closely related to each other which mean that they have common ancestors more recently as compared to the case when any one of them (brother or sister) is related to the cousin. A brother and sister have their “parents” in common while a brother or sister and cousin have “grandparents” in common.
2. Why a mice whose tail has been removed by surgery does not produce tailless mice?
Ans: Because taillessness character is not present in germ cells of mice so it is an acquired character which cannot be passed onto the next generation.

3.  Mrs. Kumar is pregnant for the last three months and she goes for regular check-up to her doctor. During her last visit, the doctor asked Mrs. Kumar to get an ultrasound done. Both Mr. and Mrs. Kumar went to a radiologist and got the ultrasound done. Once the ultrasound is over, Mr. Kumar asked the doctor whether the baby in the womb is a boy or a girl.

(a) What should the doctor reply to the couple?

(b) Is it ethical to determine the sex of a child?

(c) What should government do to discourage sex determination?



(a) The doctor should not tell the sex of the foetus.

(b) No, it is not ethical to determine the sex of a child.

(c) The government should ban the process of sex determination and should punish or fine whosoever does so.

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