List the preventive measure which are used to control weeds?

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Expert Answer:

Preventive measures involves all measures taken to forestall the introduction and spread of unwanted plants. It includes the following:
1) Using clean and weed-free seeds
2) Using properly decomposed manure or compost
3) Cuttingand removing all the weeds before seeding,
4) Keeping irrigation & drainage channels clean without weeds
 Avoid use of sand or soil from weed infested areas to clean or cultivated areas,
6) Clean all the farm implements & machinery properly after their use in infested areas & before using in clean areas,
7) Keep farm fences, roads & bunds clean or free from weeds.
8) Watch seedlings in nurseries carefully so that they do not get mixed with weed seedlings & get carried to the fields.
9) Tillage of fallow fields must be conducted before seed production.
10) Best practice is to promote the growth of desirable plants so they out compete the weeds for water nutrients and light. 
11) Grazing can be used for some weedy species but requires intense management.
12) Utilizing ‘natural enemies’ of a particular weed can help manage infestations. Bio-control agents can include insects or fungal pathogens. Not all weeds have an available bio-control agent available.


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