List the limitations of Dobereiner's Traids in brief. 

Asked by pdcavita | 19th Nov, 2017, 06:42: PM

Expert Answer:

Limitations of Dobereiner's Traids
Dobereiner faild to arrange all the known elements in the form of triads.
The law did not fully apply even within the same family.
In case of halogens, first three members that is Fluorine (19), Chlorine (35.5) and Bromine (80), it is observed that the mean of the atomic masses of Fluorine and Bromine is not 35.5 that not equal to atomic mass of Chlorine.
So,Dobereiner'sscheme of classification is not very successful, though it did contain important principles.

Answered by Varsha | 20th Nov, 2017, 10:25: AM