list some of the garbage management preactices and also the varoius ways in which garbage can be cleared or managed.

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Expert Answer:

The waste generated cannot be reduced easily. It is important to have a good and effective garbage management.

The three effective ways of garbage management are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Reduce: Utilisation of resources can be minimized.

For example: Avoid wasting water, turn off appliances, fan, light when not required.

Don’t waste food.

Reuse: Do not throw away material such as glass and metal containers, Papers. Use them at domestic level.

Recycle: Materials like paper, metal, glass can be recycled and reused. This decreases the deposition of garbage in the nature. It also helps to save natural resources.

Garbage management practices:

Depending upon the nature of waste, several practices are followed for their disposal.

1. Incinerators: some materials are burnt in incinerators at high temperature.

2. Biodegradable wastes can be used to produce biogas which is used as cooking gas in villages.

3. Other non-biodegradable items are sent for recycling.

4. Landfills: Wastes are buried in large pits. A landfill should be well-designed and well-planned. It should always be away from the residential area.

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