List out 5 differences between xylem n phloem(in a tabular form)

Asked by vk1994 | 5th Aug, 2008, 10:03: PM

Expert Answer:

Xylem Phloem
Composed of tracheids, vessels,xylem parenchyma & xylem fibers. Composed of seive tubes, companion cells,phloem parenchyma & phloem fibers
Tracheids, vessels & xylem fibers are dead cells whereas xylem parenchyma is living Phloem fibers are dead whereas companion cells & phloem parenchyma are living. Seive tubes are living when young but on maturity they becomes dead
Mainly concerned with conduction of water & sap Mainly concerned with conduction of organic compounds
Also provides mechenical support to the plants DO not provide mechenical support
Lignin is present in tracheids & vessels Lignin is absent in all types of phloem

Answered by  | 6th Aug, 2008, 04:20: PM

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