List any 3 methods that you think should be implemented to make India secure in terms of food grains . Suggest ways in which we can make food reach all the people . Also tell the advantages and disadvantages of your solution towards the same.

Asked by MOTIWALA.AYESHA25 | 7th Jan, 2016, 04:16: PM

Expert Answer:

Suggested methods to make food secure:

i. Sustainable farming puts the environmental resources of soil, water and trees and it has a strong emphasis on social welfare which effectively means increasing income and food supply to poor farmers. 

ii. Food security depends not only on raising production but on reducing distortions in the structure of the food market and on shifting the focus of food production to food deficit regions and households. 

iii. Governments should regulate the entire food cycle i.e., inputs and outputs, domestic sales, exports, public procurement, storage, distribution, price controls, subsidies and also imposing various land use regulations such as acreage and crop variety.

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Answered by Tharageswari S | 8th Jan, 2016, 09:44: AM