Journalistic writing on :- 
  1. Finance
  2. IT
  3. Education
  4. Current affairs
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This question is a part of the Creative Writing section. So the topic 'Current Affairs' should be attempted by you. 

Finance has become an inextricable and integrated part of our daily life. More than management of money, finance has carved an indispensable position for itself in the field of Economics. Finance has the capacity to transfer surfeit income into the future income or can assist a person in accessing the future earnings. Thus, finance has achieved an academic discipline of greater significance.  

Finance acts as an elixir, lulls the life’s hurdles and makes an uncertain future more predictable. It represents a country’s economic stature at a global level. An idea, however small may be, needs an effective management of finance to lay the groundwork of selling and establishing. They are very much essential in making the good stuff happen. Any critical decision in your financing will determine how the business moves forward. A new earning and funding can be generated by anyone with deep knowledge of finance.

IT (Information technology)

Information technology has been around since the inception of mankind. To acquire, store, process and organize are what IT is all about. However, with time, IT evolved and became a fundamental game changer with far-reaching and profound implications in fields of business, medicine, science, entertainment and educational sectors.    

We start the day by checking our messages on the phone and by update our social media profiles with our latest details. We rely on a wide array of electronic items in our everyday lives. The electronic revolution has made our lives easier.

Technology has made slaves out of us because we are too dependent on it. It leads to the stagnancy of our intellectual capabilities and makes drones out of us. For its every merit, there is an equally appalling demerit. One should strike a fine balance by exploiting the benefits of technology without becoming dependent on it.



Albert Einstein once quoted, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”. It shapes tomorrow’s leaders. The most significant way in which man differed from animals is in the use of written symbols. In the contemporary world, education acts as a vital tool which helps man to mitigate life’s challenges. A society can be termed civilized only it has productive and educated members who can help the nation in attaining business goals and political and economic objectives. Only if education becomes an indispensable part of one’s life, can one be well versed in understanding the problems deriving from culture differences, beliefs and perceptions.

Life would be disastrous and detrimental in the absence of education and won’t thrive and prosper as those with high standard of education. Expansion of education and quality of improvement of higher education should be adopted as twin aims of our education policy if our country has to join the select group of enlightened and advanced nations.



Answered by Athira | 21st Jun, 2017, 07:40: PM

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