"It is not healthy for a pressure group to promote the interest of one section to have influence in democracy." Do you agree with the Statement. Justify your answer. (Long Question)

Asked by Ŝũmiť Ğőyãĺ | 21st Oct, 2014, 09:31: PM

Expert Answer:

A pressure group is a group of people who come together on a platform to influence the policies of the government. They share political, social and economic interests and aim at achieving the same political goal. Pressure groups play a very important role in a democracy. A democratic government has to look after the aspirations of the people belonging to each and every section of the society. Thus if a pressure group represent the interest of one particular community in an unjustified way, then it may pose danger to the democracy. For example, if a small community of businessmen and industrialists exert pressure on the government to pass a certain law which may harm the interests of workers and consumer, then the democratic structure of the country may suffer, However, it is also to be noticed that it is not possible for a small section of people to exert influence on the government every time.

In a second scenario, if a pressure group represents the interests of a neglected section of society and organizes a movement to restore their rights and powers, it strengthens the forces of democracy.

Therefore, we can say that the above statement may be correct and incorrect depending upon the interests of the group that is represented by the pressure groups. 

Answered by Social Science Expert | 22nd Oct, 2014, 10:03: PM

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