It Is Easier To Find The Valencies Of Monoatomic Ions i.e To Recite Them, However I Am Confused How To Find Valencies Of Polyatomic Ions And Bigger? For Ex. How To Find Valency Of NH4 And PO4

Asked by  | 18th Apr, 2012, 09:52: PM

Expert Answer:

As we know that the electrons filling takes place as is 2,8,18,32
Now in case of NH4
The total electrons in the valence shell is =5+4=9
To get 8 in valence shell we have to remove one electron hence it has NH4+
In case of PO4
electrons in valence shell is 5+24=29
Now to complete the octet we require 32 we need to add 3 electrons to get stable electronic configuration . Hence the charge is -3.

Answered by  | 19th Apr, 2012, 05:36: AM

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