Isthe air a compound or a mixture?


Asked by Deepkaurdhindsa | 15th Dec, 2018, 08:23: PM

Expert Answer:

Air is a mixture for the following reasons.

1.Composition - Air has variable composition.

For example,

Air around Industrial areas will have more impurities while air around rural areas will have less impurity.

Air at high altitude will have less oxygen. Air at low altitude will have more oxygen.


2.Properties -; Air has no specific properties.

Properties of air are average properties of its constituents.

Vapour density of air is 14.4.


3.Separation of components - Separation of components of air is possible by physical means.

Separation of components of air like liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen is possible by fractional distillation.

Chemical Formula - Air has no chemical formula.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 16th Dec, 2018, 12:50: PM