Is this possible?

Asked by rajat951 | 8th Sep, 2009, 06:09: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Rajat

1. Is possible: A body with zero velocity can have constant accelaration. Example: A ball thrown vertically upwards at it ist highest point is under rest momentarilly before beginning to fall down. At the highest point the ball is under the zero velocity (since it is at rest) & under accelaration +g due to gravity, which remains consatnt during the entire motion of the ball.


2. an object moving in a certain direction with acceleration in the perpendicular direction...Is also possible. Example: A body moving at constant speed along a horizontal circular motion. The body moves under a constant accelaration directed along the radius at each instant being perpendicular to velocity (along the tangent at a point)




Answered by  | 9th Sep, 2009, 09:10: AM

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