Is there any difference between waves and progressive waves. I know that progressive waves are a type of waves but i actually want to ask that (except standing waves) the normally word 'wave' used by us in common language (e.g. sound waves we talk about ) are progressive ones?

Asked by Nishtha Gupta | 19th Mar, 2014, 01:00: PM

Expert Answer:

A progressive wave is a wave that moves from one point to another in a medium.
A wave is a vibratory disturbance in a medium which carries energy from one point to another without there being a direct contact between the two points.
It is disturbance which propagates through a medium due to the repeated oscillatory motion of the particle of the medium about their mean positions, the motion being handed over from one particle of the medium to the next particle progressively.
Waves are of two types longitudinal and transverse.
All these waves are travelling or progressive waves since they travel from one part of the medium to another.
In common language(sound wave) wave means progressive wave only as they are moving from one point to another point in a medium except for the standing or stationary wave.

Answered by  | 3rd Apr, 2014, 11:12: AM

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