Is the energy level (shell) of an electron related to the time it take to orbit the nucleus of an atom

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Electrons with opposite spins and the same energy levels cannot be in the same orbit, since such a condition would require that the planes of future time and their rotation be graduated in opposite direction in diametrically-opposed ascending or descending order.

The nucleus is bound together by tightened time planes holding together a sack of nucleons. The tightening of these time planes situated slightly in the past would make it necessary that all the surrounding time planes from present to future follow the resultant curved warp of space-time and curl around the nucleus.

Just as the tie planes in the nucleus are compressed, so will the opposite effect be upon the electrons residing in future time planes. These future time planes containing electrons will be spaced further apart so as to make up for those compressed time planes in the nucleus. The average time plane spacing within the atom is thus consistent with the constant time plane spacing of empty space subject to minimum external stress of any nature.


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