Is it true to say that the cold war has damaged the world more than the second world war. Please explain in both the cases

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Expert Answer:

Cold war damaged the world more than the Second World war because of the following reasons:
  • Because of the Cold War,the world was divided into two armed military blocs- one led by USA and another by former USSR and there always appeared a possibility of the begining of the  Third World War.
  • Cold War saw the nations piling up arms and ammunition. Nuclear tests were conducted by USA and its allies and the USSR. If a war would have taken place, it would have been a nuclear war which would have destroyed several countries, environment, millions of people would have been killed and economy of the world would have been devastated.
  • As USA and former USSR were the leaders of the opposed armed camps, they tried to bring other countries within their fold. Many countries suffered because of the politics being played during the Cold war era. For example, Afganistan was invaded by Russia and to counter the Russian influence there, USA encouraged the Afghan residents to pick up arms against the Russian soldiers. This not only devastated the Afghan economy but also spread the seeds of terrorism. 
  • Similarly, when USA realised that communist forces would occupy power in Vietnam, it attacked it in which thousands of Vietnamese were killed and its economy was devastated.
So we can say that Cold War actually demaged the world more than the Second World War.
We can say that the  Second World War damamged the world more than the Cold War because:
  • Cold War was a war of ideology and no actual war was fought during this period, though there was always a danger of a war breaking out at this time.
  • The Second World War was the deadliest military conflict in the human history. About 50-55 million civillians were killed. Among them around 19-28 millions were killed because of war related diseases and famines.
  • The Second World war saw the use of two atom bombs by USA against Japan. Many died and several millions were affected due to radiations. This led to the begining of a nuclear era because post Second World war, major countries tested nuclear weapons and stockpiled nuclear arms. Nuclear war is a serious threat even today and such a war can endanger the existence of the entire earth.

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