Is it possible for a body to have its velocity and acceleration pointing in opposite directions? If yes, give an example. If no,give reasons why is it not possible? Plot the velocity-time graph in case the answer is yes.

Asked by Ayushi Joshi | 31st May, 2013, 06:36: PM

Expert Answer:

Yes, that is possible. You can have a body with positive velocity but negative acceleration (i.e. retardation actually). So, assume a car moving with an initial velocity of 10m/s in +ve x direction but then having  a negative acceleration of -5m/s^2 in +ve x direction. 
The velocity time graph would be a negative sloping straight line drawn in the first quadrant of the v-t graph where velocity would be positive. Negative slope of the straight line would mean that the acceleration if negative. 

Answered by  | 31st May, 2013, 07:47: PM

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